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Liquid Herbal Extract

We offer Liquid Herbal Extract (medicine against tree diseases and improves growth) of superlative quality prepared from natural herbs. Liquid Herbal Extract that we manufacture is non toxic and assures to be free from chemicals. We are reckoned to be one of the foremost manufacturers and exporters of Liquid Herbal Extract in India. We manufacture highly effective Liquid Herbal Extract, which is used as medicine against tree diseases and improves growth. It is available with the brand name Vrikso D.

  • Enhances the growth of the plants and trees
  • Increases productivity
  • Protection against pests & diseases
  • Enhances the Nutritional Value
  • Helps improving the quality of Flowers & Fruits
  • 100% water soluble

  • 1% of liquid herbal extract is mixed in water (i. e. 10 ml mixed in 1 litre of water)