Herbal Health & Sex Products

Herbal Products have a great demand all over the world. Ayurveda is gaining more and more popularity as its products have no side effects and have high curing capacity. We offer a variety of Herbal Health & Sex Products. We provide herbal and sex products for both men and women. The herbal products offered by us are made from natural herbs and assured to be free from harmful chemicals. We are known to be one of the prominent manufacturers of Herbal Health & Sex Products in India.


Food Products

Indian Food Products have a huge market abroad. The food items prepared in India are known all over the world for their taste and naturalness. We bring you a wide range of instant food products in powder form. All our food products are prepared under hygienic conditions and are packed in sealed boxes. They are assured to be free from harmful additives and preservatives.


Natural Food Colors

Every food item has its color; it can be natural or acquired one. We offer an extensive range of Natural Food Colors that are used in the preparation of various food items. We are considered to be one of the prime Natural Food Colors Manufacturers and Exporters in India. Our food colors are prepared under strict supervision of the experts that assure their premium quality. They can be availed in various grades and in sealed packing.


Veterinary Supplement

Like humans even animals require proper diet full of nutrients. We offer a range of Veterinary Supplement for cattle and poultry. These Veterinary Supplement have been prepared after a long research of 20 years. They have been duly tested and trialed on the animals before it was launched in the market. These products are 100% natural.


Herbal Pesticide & Medicine

For enhanced yield of the crops, use of pesticides is essential. We offer supreme quality Herbal Pesticide & Medicine for all kinds of agricultural crops. Our range of pesticides and medicines helps in increasing the soil fertility and fights nutrient deficiency. The agro products offered by us are manufactured from 100% natural raw materials.


Herbal Medicines

We are recognized as a trusted Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Herbal Medicines of different types that are beneficial in different problems. The Herbal Medicines, we offer, includes Libido Booster Capsules, Pain Relief Gel, Sleeping Pills, Laxative Tablets, Laxative Syrup, Antacid Syrup, Cough Syrup, Muscle Tone Restorer, Rapid Cold Relief Herbal Granules, MentoBalm Medicated Balm and Herbal Hair Oil.