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Natural Food Colors

Every food item has its color; it can be natural or acquired one. We offer an extensive range of Natural Food Colors that are used in the preparation of various food items. We are considered to be one of the prime Natural Food Colors Manufacturers and Exporters in India.

The variety of food colors that we offer include
  • Caramel Color
  • Annatto Color
  • Curcumin Color
  • Red Beet Root Color
  • Chlorophyll Color
  • Anthocyanin Color
  • Safflower Color

Our food colors are prepared under strict supervision of the experts that assure their premium quality. They can be availed in various grades and in sealed packing.

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Caramel Color

We present an exclusive range of Caramel Color in different grades :

  • E 150 a
  • E 150 b
  • E 150 c
  • E 150 d


We are recognized as one of the key Caramel Color Manufacturers in India. Following are the varieties of caramel color available


Annatto Color

We provide superior quality Annatto Color that is prepared using pure seeds. It is extracted from Bixa Orellana. It is processed with the help of latest machinery under hygienic conditions. We are considered to be one of the well-known Manufacturers and Exporters of Annatto Color in India.


Curcumin Color

Curcumin is a prime component of Turmeric and is extracted from Curcuma longa. It gives shades of yellow especially bright yellow to the food items. It is hygienically prepared and purified. We ensure that our Curcumin Color has no added colors. We are counted among the well-reckoned Curcumin Color Manufacturers


Red Beet Root Color

We offer supreme quality Red Beet Root Color that is obtained from natural Beet Root. Betanin and Red Betacyanin are the pigments found in Beet Root that provides the red color. The Red Beet Root Color offered by us is easily soluble in water and loses its effectiveness as a colorant in high heat. We are


Chlorophyll Color

As the name suggests Chlorophyll Color is green color. Chlorophyll is the naturally occurring pigment found in all green plants. We offer Chlorophyll E140 and Copper Chlorophyllin E141 that is processed naturally. We are among the prominent Manufacturers and exporters of Chlorophyll Color in India.


Anthocyanin Color

We offer exclusive Anthocyanin Color that is sourced from different fruits and vegetables like Berries, Grapes and Black Carrots. It gives color: red to blue, to the food products. It is a water soluble color that easily mixes with compounds and provides excellent color. We are regarded as a preeminent


Safflower Color

We offer rich Safflower Color that gives yellow to bright orange color. It is extracted from plants belonging to Asteraceae or Compositae. The color is obtained from the flowers of these plants. We are looked upon as one of the principal manufacturers and Exporters of Safflower Color in India. They are prepared